Agenda for December 8, 2016 Meeting

WCSU Elementary Act 46 Study Committee-
School Consolidation for Improved Student Opportunities-
AGENDA  December 8, 2016
6:30 at The Wardsboro School, Route 100 Wardsboro, Vt.
This grant is for working towards a merger of the Dover Marlboro and Wardsboro school districts, to form a unified school district operating either PreK-6 or PreK-8 and tuitioning grades 7-12 or 9-12.
We are community members from Wardsboro, Marlboro and Dover who may serve our towns in a variety of capacities, who were tasked with working towards a agreement that will form a new educational school district for our towns that meets the goals of Act 46 which is to provide better and more educational opportunities for students in these three towns.

6:30     Call to order
6:35    Additions and deletions
6:40    Approve minutes from 11/17/2016
6:45    Budget update
6:50    Public input
7:00    Communications update
7:05    Discuss plans for public forums
8:15    Ballot discussion
8:25    Next and future meetings
8:30     Adjourn