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Click here to read the full 30-page Report & Articles of Agreement prepared by the Act 46 Elementary Study Committee for Dover, Marlboro and Wardsboro. Instructions for HOW TO COMMENT.

Next Meeting
December 8, 2016, Wardsboro Elementary School, 6:30pm. Open Public Meeting.

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Public Service Announcement Regarding the Completion of the Report & Articles of Agreement

On November 17, 2016, the Windham Central Supervisory Union (WCSU) Act 46 Elementary Study Committee concerning Dover, Marlboro and Wardsboro voted to approve the final draft of its Report and Articles of Agreement. Nine of the ten committee members were present, and the vote was 7 in favor, 2 abstaining. The committee members voting in favor were: from Dover: committee chair Richard Werner, school board member; Laura Sibilia, school board member; Chip Vicary, school board member; and Randy Capitani, Dover resident; from Marlboro: Celena Romo, school board member; and and from Wardsboro: Mike Murphy, school board member; committee second chair Dwight Boerem, Wardsboro resident. Those abstaining were Dan MacArthur, a Marlboro school board member and Lucy Gratwick, a Marlboro resident. Committee member Jill Dean, a Wardsboro resident, was absent. The principals of the schools in the three towns were also present, Matt Martyn from Dover Elementary School, Francie Marbury from Marlboro Elementary School, and Tammy Bates from Wardsboro Elementary School. Several citizens from the various towns also participated during the public comment portions of the meeting. The Committee members had set a goal when they began their sessions last summer to have a document completed by late November, and by adding a few extra meetings to their schedule in October and November, they were able to complete their report and the articles on schedule. The BCTV video of the November 17 meeting is available from a link on the Committee’s blogsite at wcsu-committee.blogspot.com.

The document that the Committee approved is a 30-page paper, consisting of a report from the Committee; 19 Articles of Agreement; recommendations prepared by the Committee’s consultant, John Everitt; and charts and tables in an appendix. The approved document outlines a plan for the consolidation of school governance that aligns with the goals of Vermont Act 46. The Articles of Agreement will go before the voters in Dover, Marlboro and Wardsboro on Town Meeting Day, March, 2017. Before then, the Committee is planning to schedule open discussion sessions in each of the towns so that voters can have the opportunity ask questions about how each of the Articles in the document may or may not impact their town and their school. Overall, the Articles of Agreement includes no plans to close any elementary school in each of the three towns, and, by unanimous agreement of the Committee members, the document shows a strong intent to preserve the unique character of each of the elementary schools. Should the voters ultimately reject the recommendations of the Elementary Study Committee, Vermont’s Agency of Education can mandate changes to school governance for these towns. This can also result in the loss of several grants now received which could be in excess of $250,000.

The full document can be viewed on the Committee’s blog site at wcsu-committee.blogspot.com. Anyone who wishes to receive a copy by email should send their name and email address towcsu.media@windhamcentral.org. A printed copy is kept on file at the elementary schools in Dover, Marlboro and Wardsboro. The public is also invited to attend the Committee’s next regularly scheduled meeting which will be held at the Wardsboro Elementary School at 6:30 pm on December 8, 2016. The agenda for that meeting is posted on the blog site at wcsu-committee.blogspot.com.

Part of the process of submitting the Articles of Agreement to the State Agency of Education requires that the new unified school district be given a new name. The Committee, with participation from everyone present at the meeting, chose the name “River Valleys Unified School District” (RVUSD). There would no longer be three separate school boards, but instead only one school board comprised of representatives from each town known by that name.

Additional information available for residents, taxpayers and voters

Residents, taxpayers and voters have options if they wish to keep informed about the progress of the tri-town Study Committee. One way to keep up to date is to attend the meetings.

In addition, voters may sign up for periodic email news about the Study Committee by sending their name, address and email address to this email: wcsu.media@windhamcentral.org.